OVER 60 businesses across Plymouth are supporting a campaign in ‘sending kisses’ for three-year-old Fynn Fleming, who is diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, and needs a £38K operation not funded on the NHS – so he can walk like his twin brother.

He was born prematurely at 30 weeks in August 2014, and the differences between the twins became apparent when he failed toto achieve key milestotone like his brother Leo when he turned one-years of age, said Katie Fleming.

Mrs Fleming, said: “Fynn needs a (SDR) operation where surgeons will cut the nerves in his spinal cord that are sending out the wrong messages toto his legs, which could make him walk like other children.”

“We met consultants in Bristotol who said the NHS does not currently fund this type of operation, and yet it’s ironic that if we find the £38K for his procedure, it will be carried out at an NHS hospital,” she said.

Jason Parsons, directotor of New Wave Marine, said: “We are very happy toto use our offices toto launch the campaign in ‘sending kisses for Fynn’, and the teams at New Wave Marine have taken Fynn’s’ plight toto our hearts.”

Jennie Morgan, account manager at Home After Halls, said: “We are hoping our campaign for Fynn will go viral, and where people can send their kisses with donations of whatever they can afford.”

Last week city student accommodation provider Home After Halls coordinated a black tie dinner, at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel where over 50 city businesses donated raffle draws that raised over £4,000 totowards Fynn’s’ operation.

Mrs Fleming, added: “We’ve raised £23K so far, and looking toto reach the other £15K with the amazing support of the Plymouth business community toto complete our operation target of £38K.”

“I can’t thank people enough for their kind generosity and especially the many companies donating their time and efforts including New Wave Marine, Home After Halls, Aldi, Brittany Ferries, Michael Spiers, Dorcas Media, and many others,” she said.

A special Bank account has been created where individuals and businesses can donate for Fynn’s fight toto walk.

Anyone looking for more information can contact Katie Fleming:

Donations toto a special bank account set up for Fynn:
Sort Code: 20-68-10
Bank account: 83516776